Intel Custom PC

Intel i5 / i7 Custom PC

  • Extremely Fast & Reliable
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Built To YOUR NEEDS
  • Name-Brand Components
  • On-Site Hardware Warranty
  Intel Small Business Server

Intel Xeon Small Business Server

  • In-House Email
  • Website Hosting
  • Fast, Reliable File Sharing
  • Data Redundancy & Backups
  • Secured Remote Access
  • On-Site Hardware Warranty

Computer and server leasing just makes sense from a business standpoint:

  • Low out of pocket expense
  • Minimal maintenance and downtime
  • No need to upgrade leased equipment
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increase Cash Flow for your other business needs
  • Never be stuck with old, worthless computing hardware

At ComputerAid we special in customizing solutions for your small to medium sized business. In particular, we custom build servers, workstation PCs, and networks to cater to your ever changing business needs.

Most systems that we build for lease are custom configured to meet your needs. Let us know which applications you need to run and we will configure brand new business level machines in order to easily meet those needs and have room for expansion.

Current configurations include the latest Intel based PCs and Servers, as well as Windows 7, Small Business Server 2008, and Microsoft Exchange 2010. We also lease networking hardware, printers, and monitors.


Cisco Router
Kyocera Multi-Function Printer
HP LCD Monitor