Setting up a wireless network with your existing broadband internet can be extremely frustrating -- and for several good reasons. If you need assistance troubleshooting your network, getting it setup, or just securing it properly please give us a call at 09 889-9477.

Wireless Networking
  • Fast, Reliable Configuration

  • Share Pictures / Music / Printers

  • Connect Gaming System(s)

  • Secured Using Latest Encryption

We can securely connect your desktops, laptops, gaming system(s), and even home theater components properly. Generally we perform updates on the appropriate devices to avoid any issues, and use the latest in security protocols and wireless encryption to secure your private data.

Home networking can also be extremely useful to share printers, files, and your home media (such as iTunes music and your My Pictures folder) between multiple devices.


Wireless setup / troubleshooting generally starts at $129.