Does your computer look like this? It might be time for an upgrade! We can easily increase the speed and efficiency of your computer. Some of the most common types of computer upgrades are listed below.

Old Computer Upgrades

RAM (Random Access Memory) - Used as a buffer for running every program, including Windows or MacOSX. Usually the most cost effective way to boost speed (especially when running multiple programs)

CPU (Central Processing Unit) - The actual "brain" of the computer. Used to process all the behind the scenes "math" that is necessary to operate. Newer processors have multiple "cores" and are able to process much more data simultaneously.

Hard Drive - Used for storing data. Increase the size to allow you to store more pictures, movies, music, and documents. Has much less to do with the speed of the PC than the other mentioned upgrades.


Video Card - Renders all the computer's graphics. Usually upgraded to increase ability to processor 3-Dimensional graphics, or to add multiple monitor support