There are times when you need someone to sort out a complicated fault or just to assist you in solving a minor problem.  This is where you will need to install a little programme that will allow a technician to access your computer and work along with you. In case you're wondering, this method is completely safe and uses special encryption methods to ensure your data is secure and you're not allowing just anyone to access your computer.  These files can be saved anywhere - Desktop or My Documents is probably the easiest place to save it, just remember where you save them.

Follow the instructions given to you by your Technician.

Windows WWW
Other   WWW
AnyDesk Windows WWW

These instructions are only to be used when you have been asked by a ComputerAid Technician that you know and are talking to via phone.  If YOU have not contacted ComputerAid for assistance, then assume someone is using these links without both your consent or ours.  WE DO NOT CALL YOU AND TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE VIRUSES OR PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COMPUTER AND WE WILL NEED TO ACCESS YOUR PC (this would generally indicate a scam).  DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU ARE CONVERSING WITH A KNOWN AGENT FROM COMPUTERAID.  If you are unsure, hang up and call us DIRECTLY on Auckland 88 99 477
Record the number shown when install has completed and give this to the technician.

All operations are tested by our technicians and are proven to be safe and secure, therefore, you may  accept any security messages showing up on screen.

Your Operating System:  Mac    Minor Fixes

Mac Alt.

Mac OS X (v7.0.11991)
Mac OS X (v8.0.20942)
Mac OS X (v9.0.43731)

Mac OS X (v10.0.52680)
Mac OS X (v11.0.62308)


Minor Fixes

Running LogMeIn-Install.cmd opens Notepad - XP FIX    Win7 FIX