Hard Drive Data Recovery

Whether you dropped your laptop or just accidentally deleted some files from your computer, we can help. We perform hardware and software based data recovery.

Please STOP USING THE HARD DRIVE IMMEDIATELY if you hope to recover any useable data! The longer the drive is used, the more likely that the data will be overwritten or that it will cease to operate at all.

After we have recovered your data from your damaged hard disk, we will either burn the data to DVD+R or copy it to a new external hard disk (depending on the amount successfully recovered).

If you choose to replace the computer the data is being copied from, we can also assist with importing the recovered files into the new machine. This may include your Outlook email settings and Contacts, My Pictures, My Music, and other valuable data.

When bringing in a PC or hard disk for recovery please keep the following in mind..

  • Data Recovery Takes Time It may be a day or two before we are sure we can or cannot recover files

  • Bring A List of the most critical files/folders that you need to recover. Ocassionally a drive is so damaged we can only recover a few files at a time before we have to let the drive cool down and try again later.